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Expression Exercises

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An expression is a word or group of words used in a particular situation or by particular people.

In English an expression doesn't always have a particular grammar structure but is commonly used in spoken English.

Examples :

  • OK!
  • Oh my god!
  • See you later! 
  • What’s up?
  • How’s it going?
  • How are things?
  • How about you?
  • Pretty good.
  • Same as always.
  • Could be better.
  • Can't complain.
  • No problem.
  • No worries.
  • My pleasure.
  • Anytime.
  • Anyway, ...
  • I have no idea.
  • Exactly.
  • Absolutely.
  • That’s for sure.
  • I couldn’t agree more.
  • You’re telling me!
  • I’ll say!
  • I suppose so.
  • That’s great!
  • Poor you.
  • Sorry!
  • Alright!
  • What a day!
  • Fancy meeting you here!
Expression example sentences
Nice to meet you, Toby!
Better late than never!
Well, can you explain how you make that calculation, please?
He looks a bit scared, because he can smell Bear, I think.
I'm able to do both at the same time, dear, no worries!
Hello Dick, nice to meet you.
So a bottle would be better, please.
Hm, yes, can I get £20 cashback, please?
Finally, you've got your precious rice, congratulations!
No, just a regular one, 4 or 5 pounds, I guess.
Hello, I'd like to book a table for two for tonight, please.
Oh, you found some, thank you very much!
No, I'm okay, thanks.
Yes, some prawn crackers and some spring rolls, please.
What's up guys, how is it going?
Can you still check the stock room, please?
Good luck for tomorrow, see you.
More or less?
Can we see the bathroom first, please?
I've found 2 viewable houses, what about you?


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Be going to
Be going to passive
Be used to / Get used to
Defining relative clause
Echo tag
First conditional
Future continuous
Future perfect continuous
Future perfect passive
Future perfect simple
Future simple passive
Have/Get something done
Implied conditional
Indirect question
Infinitive of purpose
Mixed conditional
Modal passive
Non-defining relative clause
Past continuous
Past continuous passive
Past perfect continuous
Past perfect passive
Past perfect simple
Past simple
Past simple passive
Polite request / offer / suggestion
Present continuous
Present continuous passive
Present perfect continuous
Present perfect passive
Present perfect simple
Present simple
Present simple passive
Question tag
Reduced relative clause
Reported speech imperative
Reported speech question
Reported speech request
Reported speech statement
Second conditional
Short answer
Third conditional
Used to / would (past habit)
Was/were going to
Was/were supposed to
Would rather
Zero conditional