Are you one of those people who knows a lot of words, understands what people say, but still can’t put together sentences to express yourself in English?
(It's not nice, is it?)

Have you ever thought there must be an easier way to learn English but just haven't found it yet?

Mike and Cate might be what you are looking for!

Starting right now, you can learn how to structure perfect English sentences fast, without any boring grammar lessons!


I’m sure you’ve already heard of some classic love stories, like Romeo and Juliet or Antony and Cleopatra, which took place in very different eras in the past.

Luckily, this is not one of them!

This is the story of Mike and Cate, a couple living in today’s world and facing real relationship problems, like we all do.

To understand them better, it’s vital to know their story from the beginning, so let’s rewind everything to the moment where everything started.

In our first episode, Cate brought her cat to the vet because of a problem with his leg and Mike is there for his dog’s injection.

There’s very obvious chemistry between them, but who do you think will make the first move?

Press play to make your first move!

1 ) How We Met

Do you believe in coincidences? Some are a bit expected, some are more exciting, just like the one Mike and Cate are going to experience now.

In the last episode, do you remember they were talking about how they might bump into each other at the pub?

Too bad if you don’t!

Because before you start the 2nd episode, you have to complete a test with 100 questions about the first one.


In this episode, we are going to practise how to meet some new people and how to order some drinks.

It will also make you wonder where the missing bag is.

Click play to see why!

2 ) At The Pub

Have you had a moment in your life when you had to make a decision between thanking someone or punching them in the face?

If you have close friends who like playing stupid pranks, you might have!

But it’s not possible to do with or without them!

Here are three things you need for a great night out :

1) Close friends

2) Even closer friends

3) The closest friends (even if they play stupid pranks on you)

Let’s press play to meet some friends!

3 ) Bus Stop


How would you feel about taking a long train ride with a person you just started flirting with?

Would it be scary or fun for you?

No matter what your answer is, it’s for sure you will enjoy this train ride with Mike and Cate.

In this episode, we are going to visit Brighton, a lovely small town by the seaside near London, and on the train we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other.

And most importantly, you are going to find out how to properly get angry over a cancelled meeting...

Let’s click on play to learn how to do it!

4 ) Trip To Brighton

It doesn't matter how good or how bad it is, everybody remembers their first kiss... don’t they?

What kind of people do you think wouldn’t remember their first kiss?

Let me tell you : the ones who haven’t had their first kiss yet and bastards.

When you are talking about a first kiss and bastards at the same time, it’s almost impossible not to move on to the subject of “the kisses no one wants to remember”. But I won't.

Because in this episode, we are going to share a very private and important moment with Mike and Cate.

Let’s click on play and stare at them while they’re trying to have their first kiss!

5 ) The First Kiss

We all know how important first impressions are, but did you know it only takes 7 seconds to make your decision? (Some people even say it only takes 2 seconds!)

Unfortunately, it’s exactly the same for cats and dogs. They only have a few seconds to give each other a great first impression, too.

Except, unlike their hooman friends, they don’t have to give good first impressions repeatedly in different situations, like the first time you take your boy or girlfriend home, or even worse, the first time you attend a dinner with their family!

In this episode, we’re going to investigate what's not in Mike’s fridge and get some ideas on what it's like to live in a shared house in London.

Press play to unleash Bear!

6 ) Pogo And Bear

Some people are into food shopping. They like spending some time in shops and checking prices, etcetera, but some people don't!

Just like Mike and Cate, it seems they have very different thoughts on shopping. But they can’t complain just yet!

When you think about it, trying to make a relationship work is a lot like learning a different language. There are a lot of frustrating challenges that you have to face and overcome, a lot of things that don’t make sense that you just have to accept, and a lot of times when you just want to throw your hands up and say ‘enough!’.

The biggest difference is that with learning a new language, you will always be successful if you keep trying hard enough, but with relationships, not so much.

Click play to queue in the shop.

7 ) Food Shopping

Do you want to end your friendship with someone? No problem! Kindly ask them to cook something for you and, just after eating it, say you don’t like it! It will end your friendship successfully and make the person hate you as well!

Whether cooking is a woman’s or a man’s job depends on our cultural background and we can have endless arguments about it. But there is one subject everybody certainly agrees on : no one likes doing the dishes!

In this episode, we’ll practise some words often used by English speakers in their daily life, like draining pasta with a grater and directions for taking burnt pizza out of the oven.

Click play to start chopping the onions.

8 ) Cooking


If you are one of the people who likes playing games in hard mode, you might enjoy finding the right place to stay in London, too!

If you want to play it harder, just try finding a place while owning a pet! That’s what we call the nightmare mode. It’s also a great way to lose weight by trekking all over London to view houses!

So if you have a pet and a very limited budget, it’s always better to stay where you are, unless you really have to move!

In this episode, we are going to find out how you can lose your room easily and how you can’t find a house to live in with your cat.

Click play to set the difficulty to nightmare mode.

9 ) Moving In

Hey! Is that my toothbrush you are using?

Why don’t you clear your hair from the drain after you have a shower?

No! It’s your turn to do the dishes!

As you can see, there are some not-so-nice-to-hear sentences that you only use when you are living together with someone.

If you are the type of person who likes their own personal space, this episode is not good for you. Seeing a couple living in a small room with their pets might make you feel a bit claustrophobic!

In this episode, we are going to practise how to wake people up by snoring very loudly and feed spiders in the back garden in English.

Click play to rearrange the room.

10 ) Living Together

Let’s imagine you find the right place to live in, everything goes well, after all, and you feel happy. Yeah, unbelievable!

Unfortunately, happiness never lasts long. Living in a shared house is economical, but comes with its own problems!

What could bother you so much that you would finally be forced to find another place to live?

Some unfriendly neighbours? Or a greedy landlord? Or both at the same time!

In this episode, we are going to practise how to deal with difficult people and talk about how much living in London costs.

Let’s press play to calculate how much £3,000 is!

11 ) Nick The Landlord

Is there anything better than Chinese food? I mean, really, is there? I absolutely love it. I love the noodles, I love the sauce, I love the cookies that come with little notes inside at the end that tell you everything’s going to be alright...

Unless, of course, you decide to go out afterwards and you have a few too many drinks and end up drunk dialing your ex so many times that her new boyfriend answers the phone and tells you that he’s going to rip your backbone out through your nose if you ever call again. Wait, I got sidetracked. Oh yeah, Mike and Cate.

In this episode, we are going to practise how to be a good liar and wear a wedding ring on the right hand.

Click play to put a ring on it!

12 ) Chinese Duck

Previously, we already experienced how difficult it is to find a room to rent in London… Now we are going to take it one step further and try to find a house! That’s insane!

Maybe Zone-1 doesn’t mean anything to you now, but the people who live in London know exactly what it means: EXPENSIVE!

To get a house in central London, if you are not rich, of course, you need to have some reliable friends you can live and share the rent with, for a start.

In this episode, we are going to meet some very interesting landlords and landladies and figure out why hearing aids are important for old people to talk on the phone.

Press play to start the house hunt!

13 ) Places to Rent

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