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Implied conditional Exercises

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In English, sometimes we use the idea of 'if' without using an 'if' clause. This is called an implied conditional. It is when the 'if clause' is implied and not stated. Conditional verbs are used in the result clause.

Conditional verbs are often used after 'otherwise'. 

Example Sentences of Implied Conditionals : 

  • I would have visited you, but I didn't know that you were at home. (I would have visited you if I had known you were at home.)
  • It wouldn't have been a good meeting without Rosa. (It wouldn't have been a good meeting if Rosa had not been there.)
  • I would have answered the phone, but I didn't hear it ring. (I would have answered the phone if I had heard it ring.)
  • I couldn't have finished the work without your help. (I couldn't have finished the work if you had not helped.)
  • I would have gone to Nepal last summer, but I didn't have enough money. (I would have gone to Nepal last summer if I'd had enough money.)
  • I stepped on the brakes. Otherwise, I would have hit the child on the bicycle. (If I hadn't stepped on the brakes, I would have hit the child on the bicycle.) 
  • Louise turned down the volume on the tape player. Otherwise, the neighbours would have complained about the noise. (If Louise hadn't turned down the volume on the tape player, the neighbours would have complained about the noise.)
  • Tarek would have finished his education, but he had to quit school and find a job in order to support his family. (Tarek would have finished his education if he hadn't had to quit school and find a job.)
  • I would have finished my report before I left work yesterday, but I didn't have time.
  • I couldn't have paid for my trip to New Zealand without my parents help.
  • I would buy a Ferrari, but I don't have enough money.
  • I ran out of time. Otherwise, I would have finished my report before the meeting.
  • I could go to an Italian restaurant with my friends tonight, but I don't want to.
  • Without water, all life on earth would die.
  • I would have gone to the meeting, but I didn't know about it.
  • I set my alarm for six every morning. Otherwise, I would be late for work.
  • I would have invited your brother to join us for dinner, but I didn't know he was in town.
Implied conditional example sentences
Why would I give you that information?
I don't think going back would make me feel any better!
What would you do?
Yeah, a cup of coffee would be perfect.
Yes please, that would be better than using someone else's bread.
Yes, I think that would save some time!
That's bollocks, no one would pay that much for this room!
I can see that! How much more do you think it would be?
Sorry, but would you rather let Pogo or Bear get stung?
Ha-ha-ha that's what I would do, too!
You wouldn't hear any noise from upstairs in the morning.
Why not? We could be neighbours of Buckingham Palace.
Aren't they the fixtures of the house? Why would we buy them?
I didn't say always, I would say often.
Okay, that would be nice.
I can't believe my ears, that would be perfect for him!
Since I'm working at home it wouldn't really bother me.
Yes, I would be happy to see you again.
Why would I have a problem with her?
Why would Pinocchio do it to himself?


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Can you give me the explanation?
Be going to
Be going to passive
Be used to / Get used to
Defining relative clause
Echo tag
First conditional
Future continuous
Future perfect continuous
Future perfect passive
Future perfect simple
Future simple passive
Have/Get something done
Implied conditional
Indirect question
Infinitive of purpose
Mixed conditional
Modal passive
Non-defining relative clause
Past continuous
Past continuous passive
Past perfect continuous
Past perfect passive
Past perfect simple
Past simple
Past simple passive
Polite request / offer / suggestion
Present continuous
Present continuous passive
Present perfect continuous
Present perfect passive
Present perfect simple
Present simple
Present simple passive
Question tag
Reduced relative clause
Reported speech imperative
Reported speech question
Reported speech request
Reported speech statement
Second conditional
Short answer
Third conditional
Used to / would (past habit)
Was/were going to
Was/were supposed to
Would rather
Zero conditional