Imperative Exercises

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Imperative Form : ( Base form (verb 1) )

In English we use imperatives to :

  • give very strong advice 
  • give instructions
  • give orders

The positive imperative is the same as the infinitive. The negative imperative is don't + infinitive.   

Notes for use of imperatives :

In English an imperative sentence does not require a subject; the pronoun "you" is implied. 

Imperative Example Sentences : 

Positive Examples of Imperatives :

  • Stop smoking. 
  • Do more exercise. 
  • Eat more vegetables.  
  • Do your homework!  

Negative Examples of Imperatives :

  • Don't eat a lot of salt. 
  • Don't drink too much alcohol. 
  • Don't be a couch potato. 
  • Don't show your partner your questions.
Imperative example sentences
Yes, we have paper towels, I can clean it up, don't worry!
That's a good idea, let me get him then.
Come on, Cate!
Alright, let me check that for you.
See you girls, have fun.
Forget about what I said about Jen and Mike!
What!? Please don't say you made them catch an actual wasp.
A tenner is fine, let's see the cash first.
Let me google it!
Yes, just ask me!
Yes okay, let's go inside so I can show you the house.
Michael, grab the door knob and pull it as hard as you can!
Don't forget the beer deal.
He might be overly excited, try not to hold him too tight.
That's fine, say hi to everyone.
Don't act like you don't understand.
Please don't get the half price ones.
I can hear you, don't hang up, Jen!
Let me ask the girls if they want something, too.
Oh god! Look at the queues at the counters.


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Be going to
Be going to passive
Be used to / Get used to
Defining relative clause
Echo tag
First conditional
Future continuous
Future perfect continuous
Future perfect passive
Future perfect simple
Future simple passive
Have/Get something done
Implied conditional
Indirect question
Infinitive of purpose
Mixed conditional
Modal passive
Non-defining relative clause
Past continuous
Past continuous passive
Past perfect continuous
Past perfect passive
Past perfect simple
Past simple
Past simple passive
Polite request / offer / suggestion
Present continuous
Present continuous passive
Present perfect continuous
Present perfect passive
Present perfect simple
Present simple
Present simple passive
Question tag
Reduced relative clause
Reported speech imperative
Reported speech question
Reported speech request
Reported speech statement
Second conditional
Short answer
Third conditional
Used to / would (past habit)
Was/were going to
Was/were supposed to
Would rather
Zero conditional