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Zero conditional Exercises

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Read time : 1 minute

Form : ( If / When + subject + present simple, subject + present simple )

In English, the zero conditional talks about facts or things that are always true.

Examples sentences :

  • If you heat ice, it melts.
  • If water reaches 100 degrees, it boils.
  • If you don't exercise, you become unfit.
  • When I'm worried, I don't sleep well.
  • When I'm really tired, I can sleep anywhere.

Notes for use of zero conditional :

'If' and 'when' have the same meaning in the zero conditional.

We can use a modal instead of a present form to give advice.

  • If the medicine has no effect, you should return to the doctor.
Zero conditional example sentences
When you like some clothes, they don't have the colour or the size you want, etcetera.
When I go there, I usually have to stay at least a month.
Don't forget Cate, if you can leave your cat with someone else...
It always turns into a huge problem.
If you want to take your pet to Australia with you.
What I said was, if it's not necessary, I never kill any animal...
Whenever that happens, this is what you ask me to do the next morning.
If you are buying lots of things, it turns into a hassle!
Yeah, when I hear chips I remember her now.
If you don't have a match, dear, you need to do it by hand!
When you like some shoes, they never have your size.
Once you show him where it is, he always poos and pees there.
Maybe it's better if we wait in different queues.
I like the skin on if you make it crispy!
If you take it from Clapham-Junction it takes roughly an hour.
If there is no delay in connecting flights.
You have to leave it in quarantine for 6 months!
If there's anything wrong with your pet...
The flight takes roughly 18 hours...
You are always welcome to take the room.


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