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Interjection Exercises

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Read time : 2 minutes

An interjection is an exclamation or an abrupt remark used when we are surprised or shocked or just want to get someone's attention by interrupting. It is a part of speech which expresses emotion and can go at the beginning or the end of a sentence, usually followed by an exclamation mark.

In English an interjection is sometimes not an actual word but a noise we make to express how we are feeling.

Listed below are some examples of interjections :

  • Ah / eg. Ah! Now I understand.
  • Umm / eg. Umm... I'm not sure really.
  • Hmm / eg. Hmm... What do you think we should do?
  • Alright / eg. Alright! What's going on here, then?
  • Anyway / eg. Anyway, what time do we have to be there?
  • Awww / eg. Awww... That puppy's adorable!
  • Cheers / eg. Cheers! Thanks for that!
  • Gosh / eg. Gosh! That's amazing!
  • Great / eg. Great! Let's meet tomorrow at 2pm!
  • Ha-ha / eg. Ha-ha! That's hilarious!
  • Hey / eg. Hey! Let's all go to the pub on Friday!
  • Oh / eg. Oh! What a beautiful day!
  • Oh well / eg. Oh well... it doesn't matter.
  • Ouch / eg. Ouch! I've cut my finger!
  • Please / eg. Please! Just be quiet for 5 minutes!
  • So / eg. So... what are we having for dinner?
  • Thanks / eg. Thanks! I had a great time!
  • Well / eg. Well, I think I'll go now.
  • Wow / eg. Wow! That's fantastic!
  • Yes / eg. Yes! What a goal!
  • Yeah / eg. Yeah! Let's go to London for the weekend!
  • No / eg. No! I can't believe it!
  • Now / eg. Now... who wants to drink Chardonnay?
  • Phew / eg. Phew! That was a close call!
  • Oops / eg. Oops! I spilt my drink.
  • By the way / eg. By the way, it's getting late.
  • Excuse me / eg. Excuse me! I was just giving my opinion!
  • Sorry / eg. Sorry... where is your house again?
  • Oh god / eg. Oh god... I feel so tired now.
Interjection example sentences
Hey, Rocco, hey over here!
It's not about borrowing money, mate, okay!
I like looking at things on paper, okay!
Oh right, yes, we did get the grated one, sorry!
I'm from Perth, by the way.
Hi Mike, I was in a lesson and couldn't answer, sorry.
Cheers to bank holidays!!!


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