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Was/were going to Exercises

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Form : ( Was / were going to + infinitive (verb 1) )

In English we use was / were going to to talk about plans we made in the past which didn't happen, or won't happen in the future.

Examples sentences :

  • I was going to visit my aunt when I went to England, but she had gone to Spain for the summer. (So I didn't visit her)
  • We were going to move to Thailand next year, but we were offered better jobs here. (So we didn't go)
  • Simon was going to take a holiday in August, but his company was short staffed. (So he couldn't go)
  • Petra was going to start her course in London in September, but her visa didn't come through.
  • They were going to book a cabin for the summer, but decided to go camping instead.

Notes for use of was / were going to :

We often use this form to apologize for not doing something and give a reason why.

  • Sorry, I was going to phone you, but my mobile battery died.
Was/were going to example sentences
I was just going to ask you if you could do me a favour.
Hi Cate! I was going to call you, too...
I was just going to mash some garlic for the risotto!
What else were you going to cook with the chicken?
We were going to get something to eat on the way!
Umm, I was going to finish talking to Nick about the rent.
How did I know you were going to ask that?


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Be going to
Be going to passive
Be used to / Get used to
Defining relative clause
Echo tag
First conditional
Future continuous
Future perfect continuous
Future perfect passive
Future perfect simple
Future simple passive
Have/Get something done
Implied conditional
Indirect question
Infinitive of purpose
Mixed conditional
Modal passive
Non-defining relative clause
Past continuous
Past continuous passive
Past perfect continuous
Past perfect passive
Past perfect simple
Past simple
Past simple passive
Polite request / offer / suggestion
Present continuous
Present continuous passive
Present perfect continuous
Present perfect passive
Present perfect simple
Present simple
Present simple passive
Question tag
Reduced relative clause
Reported speech imperative
Reported speech question
Reported speech request
Reported speech statement
Second conditional
Short answer
Third conditional
Used to / would (past habit)
Was/were going to
Was/were supposed to
Would rather
Zero conditional