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Past perfect continuous Exercises

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Past Perfect Continuous Form : ( Had + been + verb + -ing )

In English we use the past perfect continuous to talk about a period of time which was in progress before another time in the past.

The table below shows the different forms of past perfect continuous :

Example verb : playI / We / You / They / He / She / It
Positive...'d been playing ...
Negative... hadn't been playing ...
QuestionsHad ... been playing ...?
Short answers

Yes, ... had. /

No, ... hadn't.

Past Perfect Continuous Example Sentences :

Positive Examples of Past Perfect Continuous : 

  • They had been playing cards for hours before the police arrived.
  • She had been working at that bank for three years when they fired her.
  • Brooke had been learning ballet for 8 years before she had the accident.
  • We had been waiting for over two hours when the concert finally started!

Negative Examples of Past Perfect Continuous : 

  • Sarah had not been practicing her French when she arrived in Paris.
  • He hadn't been looking very hard when hecame across his keys on a chair.
  • Phoebe hadn't been feeling well before she fainted.

Question Examples of Past Perfect Continuous : 

  • Had you been exercising before you fell down?
  • Where had he been walking for so long?
  • What had she been doing all this time? 


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