I've just brought him in for his injection.

I've just brought him in for his injection. Translations
Deutsche Ich habe ihn nur für seine Injektion gebracht.
Español Sólo lo he traído para su inyección.
Français Je viens de lui donner son injection.
Italiano L'ho portato per la sua iniezione.
日本語 注射をしに連れてきたんだ。
Português Eu apenas o trouxe para a sua injeção.
Русский Я просто привёл его на прививку.
Türkçe Aşısı için getirdim sadece.
简体中文 我刚刚带他打了针。
عربي .فقط أحضرته ليأخذ الحقنة الخاصة به
한글 접종 맞히러 데려온 거예요.
हिन्दी मैं इसे यहाँ बस इंजेक्शन लगवाने लाया हूँ।

ernestog   1+ w
Oh no!  Not the injection!  That fake Chow Chow will say 'Ow, ow!'
shahs   1+ w
dont inject him please
Jenny   1+ w
Comment has been deleted by the owner...
Jenny   1+ w
Good! Be responsible with your pet and take care of his health
Sama   1+ w
Poor dog
MariaK   1+ w
what injection? i hope it's not something serious.
Mithila_Orna   1+ w
Poor dog but. Is the injection for virus protection?

Sputnik   1+ w
No one likes needles, right? Except maybe junkies...
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Guest   1+ w
be like mike looks how he cares about his dog, never misses any injection