I live very close by.

I live very close by. Translations
Deutsche Ich wohne hier in der Nähe.
Español Vivo muy cerca.
Français Je vis très proche d'ici.
Italiano Vivo molto vicino.
日本語 とても近くに住んでいるよ。
Português Eu vivo aqui bem perto.
Русский Я живу очень близко.
Türkçe Çok yakında oturuyorum.
简体中文 我住的非常近。
عربي .انا أعيش بالقرب جداً من هنا
한글 요 바로 근처에 살아요.
हिन्दी मैं बहुत नज़दीक रहता हूँ।

ernestog   1+ w
That's the good thing about living in the city.  Everything is just around the corner!
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Orkun   1+ w
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Orkun   1+ w
I didn't understand. He can say "I live very close". Why did he use by?
shahs   1+ w
please take a stand on your talk
Sama   1+ w
that's what i thought !
MariaK   1+ w
so you can take your dog to the vet anytime you want. that's a good thing.
Mithila_Orna   1+ w
Ohh..I was wrong. He relay lives here close by.