How long does it usually take?

How long does it usually take? Translations
Deutsche Wie lange dauert das normalerweise?
Español ¿Cuánto tiempo te toma normalmente?
Français Combien de temps cela prend-t-il ?
Italiano Quanto ci vuole di solito?
日本語 どれくらい時間がかかるの?
Português Quanto tempo demora, geralmente?
Русский Сколько обычно это занимает по времени?
Türkçe Genelde ne kadar sürüyor?
简体中文 这一般需要多长时间?
عربي كم من الوقت يستغرق الأمر عادة؟
한글 보통 얼마쯤 걸리는데?
हिन्दी आमतौर पर, यह कितना समय लेती है?

ernestog   1+ w
About as long as it takes you to open a medicine bottle.
shahs   1+ w
95 days 
Sama   1+ w
she's grabbing a conversation with him , clearly she doesn't want him to go 
Mithila_Orna   1+ w
Why? Do you want to make a tour with him?
MariaK   1+ w
so many nosey questions here.