Do you know the pub around the corner?

Do you know the pub around the corner? Translations
Deutsche Kennst du den Pub um die Ecke?
Español ¿Conoces el pub a la vuelta de la esquina?
Français Connaissez-vous le pub au coin de la rue ?
Italiano Conosci il pub dietro l'angolo?
日本語 その角にあるパブは知っている?
Português Você conhece o pub ao virar da esquina?
Русский Ты знаешь паб здесь за углом?
Türkçe Köşedeki pub'ı biliyor musun?
简体中文 你知道拐角那里的酒吧吗?
عربي هل تعرفين الحانة التى تقع فى الزاوية؟
한글 모퉁이 돌면 나오는 술집 알아요?
हिन्दी क्या आप यहाँ पास वाला पब जानती हैं?

ernestog   1+ w
I think you have to be more specific than that if you're talking about a pub in England.  There's on on every corner!
shahs   1+ w
no i dont
Jenny   1+ w
Is he trying to ask her out? By talking about pet at first? Nice and smooth, man
Sama   1+ w
some one wants bear 
MariaK   1+ w
ooh, now things are getting steamy. 
Mithila_Orna   1+ w
I think now its getting close to each other. Next step should ask a cup of Coffee. He He
Sputnik   1+ w
Of course she knows where the pub is!