And these days, I go to that pub quite often.

And these days, I go to that pub quite often. Translations
Deutsche Und zur Zeit besuche ich diesen Pub ziemlich oft.
Español Y en estos días voy a ese pub bastante a menudo.
Français Et ces derniers jours, je vais très souvent dans ce pub.
Italiano In questi giorni vado molto spesso in quel pub.
日本語 そして、最近は頻繁にパブに通っているんだ。
Português E ultimamente tenho ido para esse pub com bastante frequência.
Русский И в эти дни я хожу в паб довольно часто.
Türkçe Ve bugünlerde o pub'a sıklıkla gidiyorum.
简体中文 这些日子我经常会去那间酒吧。
عربي .و أذهب كثيراً الى تلك الحانة هذه الأيام
한글 요즘 그 술집에 자주 가요.
हिन्दी और इन दिनों मैं अक्सर उस पब में जाता हूँ।

ernestog   1+ w
Of course you do, Mike.  It's the neighborhood pub!
shahs   1+ w
now what she can do for you
Jenny   1+ w
Seems like they will hang out together soon
MariaK   1+ w
I know where this is going.
Mithila_Orna   1+ w
Wow. But why Mike didn't see her before as he also go there. Quite interesting. 
Sputnik   1+ w
Why is he hanging out there so much these days?