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blink at

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Synonyms of : blink at

amazed at
astonished at
be amazed
be astonished
be at a loss
be at one´s wit´s end
be baffled
be confused
be mixed up
be nonplused
be puzzled
be scandalize at
be surprised
blink at
check on
close one's eyes to
dip into
face up to
flash a glance
flick through
get rattled
give an eye to
give the once over
glance at
have a dekko
leave unnoticed
look at
look over
look through
lose bearings
lose one's bearings
lose one´s bearings
make allowances for
marvel at
pass by
pass off
permit of
pretend not to see
take a gander
take a glance at
turn a blind eye
wink at

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Antonyms of : blink at

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