What's wrong with him?

What's wrong with him? Translations
Deutsche Was stimmt nicht mit ihm?
Español ¿Qué le sucede?
Français Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas avec lui ?
Italiano Che cos'ha che non va?
日本語 彼はどこか悪いの?
Português O que há de errado com ele?
Русский Что с ним не так?
Türkçe Neyi var?
简体中文 他怎么了?
عربي ما خطبه؟
한글 걔는 어디가 아픈 거예요?
हिन्दी इसे क्या हुआ?

ernestog   1+ w
He's suffering from existential boredom.  He's been reading Existentialist books.  He just finished 'The Stranger' and he's questioning the meaning of life.
shahs   1+ w
Sama   1+ w
I hope he's ok
MariaK   1+ w
why is she asking that all of a sudden? why does she assume there's something wrong with the animal? she really doesn't trust that guy lol
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Guest   1+ w
it seems she only takes her cat to the vet if there is something wrong with him. dont be like cate.