I don't know really, what's yours?

I don't know really, what's yours? Translations
Deutsche Ich weiß nicht wirklich, was ist deiner?
Español No sé realmente, ¿cuál es el tuyo?
Français Je ne sais pas vraiment et vous ?
Italiano Non so in realtà, tu?
日本語 はっきりしてないわ、あなたは?
Português Não tenho certeza, na verdade, qual é o seu?
Русский Я не знаю на самом деле, а какие у тебя?
Türkçe Tam olarak bilmiyorum, seninki ne?
简体中文 我真的不知道,你呢?
عربي لا أعلم حقاً, ماهى خطتك؟
한글 난 잘 모르겠는데, 너는?
हिन्दी दरअसल, मुझे नहीं पता, तुम अपना बताओ?

ernestog   1+ w
You better not make plans with this fool when Rocco's waiting on you.  
shahs   1+ w
go to bankcock
Jenny   1+ w
When she says she don't know. it means she's free. Ask her out!
Sama   1+ w
and clearly she does too
Mithila_Orna   1+ w
I think Mike haven't plan too.
MariaK   1+ w
still expecting something...