He hasn't realised that we are at a vet yet.

He hasn't realised that we are at a vet yet. Translations
Deutsche Er hat es noch nicht gemerkt, dass wir bei einem Tierarzt sind.
Español No se ha dado cuenta de que estamos en un veterinario todavía.
Français Il n'a pas encore compris que nous étions chez le vétérinaire.
Italiano Non si è ancora reso conto che siamo dal veterinario.
日本語 でも彼はまだ獣医に私達が居るって気づいていない。
Português Ele ainda não percebeu que estamos em um veterinário.
Русский Но он ещё не осознал, что мы здесь.
Türkçe Daha veterinerde olduğumuzu anlamadı.
简体中文 他还没有意识到我们已经来到兽医诊所了。
عربي .هو لا يعرف اننا عند البيطرى حتى الان
한글 아직 동물병원인 걸 눈치 못채고 있네.
हिन्दी उसे अब तक यह पता नहीं लगा है कि हम पशु चिकित्सक के पास हैं।

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Orkun   1+ w
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Orkun   1+ w
I think we have to stop using "it". Why do they call the babies and the animals, it? In Cambridge University they started to use "ze" pronoun instead of he or she  for example.
shahs   1+ w
you are human if you are not reliazed how he is
Sama   1+ w
awww <3
MariaK   1+ w
dogs are so cute.
Mithila_Orna   1+ w
Ahh... When he will realize.. He will not stay clam